• Can my dog or cat be spayed if she is in heat or possibly pregnant? Yes
  • Is there an additional charge? No
  • Can a cat nursing kittens be spayed? Yes, the kittens should be at least 6 weeks old. If there is a
    question, the doctor can look at the cat and make a recommendation whether to spay the cat or not.
  • Is there an additional charge for chryptorchid (testicles not descended). Yes, depending where in the
    abdomen the testicle is located. $20-$40.
  • Can a dog’s nails be clipped while he is under for surgery, or any other condition that a pet owner
    requests be looked at? Yes, a donation of at least $5.00 to the hosting rescue is recommended.
    Please indicate on the consent form when the animal is checked in.
  • Are there stitches to be removed? Yes, with the spay surgery, they are added in addition to the
    dissolvable stitches. The doctor feels that they give more assurance that the surgery site will not come
    open if the animal is too active. If the patient is a feral cat or an animal that the owner absolutely
    doesn’t want the additional stitches put in, please indicate on the consent form at time of check in.
  • What about vaccinations? Yes, vaccinations can be done for animals having surgery. Also, any pet
    owners who want vaccinations only can bring their animals any time during the hours of the clinic.
    No appointment is necessary.
  • Are pain meds included? No, pain medication is not included, but it is available for a nominal fee at
    the pet owner’s request.  
  • Is the doctor a licensed veterinarian? Yes, Dr. Van Heule is licensed in Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado,
    Montana, Kansas and South Dakota and Utah.