Paris Fisher Auto Sales

Chadron, NE

2011.  Paris and Laurie Fisher have been strong supporters of animals and the low cost clinic in Chadron since it’s inception. They have generously donated the use of their building and most recently helped us with the addition of our mobile clinic. Please stop in and thank them for their wonderful contribution to the animals in the Chadron community and surrounding areas.

Olive Garden Resturant

Casper, WY

On the last day of the Casper clinic in October 2012,  the Olive Garden Resturant treated all of the volunteers to a wonderful spagetti dinner with all the trimmings. Everyone involved had worked very long days and to have such a nice meal on the last day was AWESOME. Again at our clinic in November 2013 and 2014 Olive Garden came through again. AND dessert too??? Really, you guys are over the top. 🙂 Stop in and say thanks for their thoughtful and generous donation. You guys rock!!


Fort Collins, CO

Eco thrift is a wonderful thrift store in old town Fort Collins. It is one of our favorite places to hang out when we’re in town and look for treasures. Eco-Thrift has also donated PILES of linens that make our patients very comfy while they are waking up after their surgery. If you are in the Fort Collins area, stop by and check out this cool store AND tell them thanks for their generous donations!

Mountain View Sub Shop

Casper, WY

At our November 2013 Clinic, Mountain View donated lunch for all the wonderful people who make the clinic happen.   Then they did it again in 2014.  The lunch was great and kept us going strong for the rest of the day. Thanks Mountain View from Spay Doc! Please stop in and make sure they know how much their generous donation is appreciated!

Bosco’s Italian Resturants

Casper, WY

This amazing resturant donated sandwiches for all clinic participants at our November 2013 clinic and they were great! Putting on these clinics is very demanding and time consuming. Having these wonderful sandwiches provided for lunch was so appreciated! If you appreciate the clinics, stop in and make sure they know that their support is appreciated!

On the Border

Casper, WY

On the Border donated an obscene amount of their wonderful fare for our November 2013 and 2014 clinic. We all work really hard, but we always sit down together for a few minutes and eat lunch. It is so wonderful to have really good food! We also loved having chips to snack on for dinner! Our sincere gratitude for your generous donation. When you are in “On the Border” please take a minute to thank them for supporting animal welfare and our efforts!

Old Chicago

Casper, WY

We are so appreciative of the kind and generous donation of pizza for our lunch at the November 2013 and 2014 clinic. We had plenty to snack on for dinner and some of us for breakfast the next morning! We appreciate your support of our efforts to help the animals of Casper and the people who love them.

Black Gold Grille


Casper, WY

These wonderful folks donated an amazing lunch at our 2014 clinic.  This is such a nice perk for all of us, as the days are long and having a nice lunch provided really makes it easier for us to focus on the task at hand.  If you haven’t been, head over to the Black Gold Grille and let them know how much we appreciate them supporting the mission of a No Kill Casper!

Pizza Ranch

Casper, WY

The Pizza Ranch donated a fabulous lunch for our 2014 clinic.  After a short break and some delicious food, everyone was carbed up and ready to go into the night.  Our clinic was a huge success and we so appreciate the kindness and generosity of Pizza Ranch for their contribution towards the success of the clinic.  Please stop in and treat yourself to some awesome pizza- and while you’re there say thanks for their support of Casper’s animals.